Monday, July 13, 2020

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2002 29' Keystone Montana Auction

2002 29' Keystone Montana

This Trailer was stolen and recovered. The owner did not want it back once it was recovered. The main electrical connection was tampered with and removed and an extension cord was installed. We have not repaired this. From what we can tell the A/C dose work but we can’t fully test because of the mentioned electrical issue. The batteries were removed as well as one propane bottles. From what we can tell the plumbing is good, the holding tanks and drains have not been fully tested. The refrigerator seems to work on electric but unknown on propane. We don’t know if the heater and stove work, have not tested the propane system. The tires are in need of replacement. One tail light is broken out and needs to be replaced. This is being sold as is, no warranty or guarantee.

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Notice of Fees 2020

Notice of Fees 2020