Sunday, May 20, 2018

Deputy Sheriff Wanted

HCSO Tahoe

If you are interested in applying for this position, please Click Here to download an application, return filled out application to the Howard County Sheriff's Office located at:

The Troy M. Hogue Law Enforcement Center
3613 W. Hwy. 80
Big Spring, TX. 79720
Phone : (432) 264-2231

Public Information

Sale 5/31/18




In compliance with article 683.02 Transportation Code. I will proceed to sell at public auction to the highest bidder on the May 31,2018 at 10:00 a.m. at 3000 N Hwy 87, West Wind Transport Inc. , all of the following listed of Abandoned Motor Vehicles at the described locations and the times listed below.


Yr.      MAKE       MODEL   COLOR         VIN                         TAG           STATE     MILEAGE

1979     Chev         Camro          Gray           1Q87G9L583362            HLJK3       TX        

1992     Dodge       Van             White         1B4GH44R3NX269029 RHR092     TX

2000     Chev       Malibu           White         1G1ND52J9Y6274344   HWN4498 TX

2003     Chev       Trail Blazer   White         1GNDS13S532126417   895VRB   TX

2003    Pont           Bonneville     Gray           1G2HY52K234137434   CPD7D117 TX

2008   Cadi           Esc                 BLK          1GYEC63808R140049   FHH6068   TX       118,827

2009   Chev         PK                 Gray         1GCEK29J69Z179855   6518AN    TX

2010   Dodge      Ram1500         Brown       1D7RV1CT7AS188810 A807535   TX      

2011   Chev         HHR               Gray          3GNBABFW3BS588363 930646C TX       116,083

2016  Toyt           Cam               Gray         4T1BF1FK7GU250078   HJJ9040   TX       42,550  


The successful bidder upon payment of the money to this Department is entitled to take possession of the vehicle an apply for title free and clear of all liens and claims to ownership.

                                                                        Stan Parker

                                                                        Sheriff of Howard County

                                                                        Chief Deputy, Dean Restelli

                                                                        Telephone 432-264-2231



Notice of Fees Changed